Comments on the new downloads
from recent puchasers

Dear Rod

Thanks for this note.  I have hard copies of Far In The Mountains and Meeting's A Pleasure and glad to have them, even though it was beyond my limited means.  I'm so glad that I've been able to acquire a few more of your great productions this way.

Best Wishes,

Joel Shimberg, fiddler - TN, USA

Dear Rod

I'm really happy about your decision to offer downloadable versions of the MT CDs.  Since I always convert my music CDs and cassettes into MP3 files and listen to them via PC, this is a very welcome option for me.  I like how the MP3s are embedded into the HTML booklets - that way I can easily look at the transcriptions while listening to the songs.  I also think that your prices are very generous!  I really hope that this new, easy way of getting access to the MT catalogue leads to more sales of this wonderful and sadly neglected music.

Best regards,

Helmut Siebertz - Germany

Dear Rod

I bought another four or five.  I certainly never begrudged paying for the physical copies, of course, but one only has so much disposable income.  At 2 or 4 for a download, it just seems daft not to buy anything in which I have the slightest interest, and I suspect others will feel the same.

All the best

Andy Turner - England

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