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We have over 100 unique CDs of traditional songs and music to choose from, mostly from these islands and North America.  Most are close to 80 minutes duration and are accompanied by substantial booklets, and come in DVD cases.  Many are 2-CD sets, and two are 3-CD sets.

They include what is probably the UK's largest collection of English Gypsy and Traveller recordings - 14 full-length CDs.

Try the new slimmed-down 'mobile-friendly' Records website.  You can buy all our normal CDs with booklets there, divided into the usual categories, see their tracklists, and access the Samplers page, but with few of the other extras.

But, if you're viewing this on a MAC or PC, drag your browser's window narrow to pretend it's a Smartphone.

All our CDs, except for the four most recent releases from 2015, are now available as inexpensive downloads, with the songs as clickable links from within the booklet text.  These are delivered as ZIP files containing the original (but updated) booklet text as an HTML file, a 'graphics' folder containing all the photos and a 'sound' folder containing all the CD tracks as full-length MP3 files.  Each should be unzipped into a single folder on your device, and run from there.

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