Musical Traditions Records Discography
Musical Traditions 300 Series CDs
MTCD378 - George Belton: A True Furrow to Hold
MTCD377 - Charlie Bridger: Won't you Buy my Pretty Flowers?
MTCD375-6 - Freda Palmer: Leafield Lass
MTCD374 - The Two Bobs' Worth
MTCD373 - Boshamengro
MTCD372 - I Wish There Was No Prisons
MTCD371 - Harry Upton: Why Can't it Always be Saturday?
MTCD369-0 - Sam Larner: Cruising Round Yarmouth
MTCD367-8 - I Pray You Pay Attention: and listen to my song
MTCD365-6 - Caroline Hughes: Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
MTCD363-4 - Cecilia Costello: "Old Fashioned Songs"
MTCD361-2 - The Willett Family: Adieu to Old England
MTCD360 - David Stacey: Good Luck to the Journeyman
MTCD359 - Bernie Cherry: with powder, shot and gun
MTCD356-7 - King's Head Folk Club: Traditional Performers
MTCD353-5 - Sarah Makem: As I Roved Out
MTCD352 - Harry Langston: Dear Gladys, Dear Gertie ...
MTCD351 - Bill Smith: A country life
MTCD350 - Fred 'Pip' Whiting: Old-time hornpipes ...
MTCD349 - May Bradley: Sweet Swansea
MTCD348 - Ken Langsbury's Stories
MTCD345-7 - The Brazil Family 3-CD set
MTCD339-0 - Keith Summers: A Story to Tell
MTCD337-8 - In Memory of Lizzie Higgins
MTCD335-6 - Songs from the Golden Fleece
MTCD334 - Stephen Baldwin: "Here's one you'll like, I think"
MTCD333 - The Birds Upon the Tree
MTCD331-2 - Around the Hills of Clare
MTCD329-0 - The Hardy Sons of Dan
MTCD327-8 - Oak: Country Songs and Music
MTCD325-6 - From Puck to Appleby
MTCD320 - Here's Luck to a Man ...
MTCD317-8 - George Dunn: Chainmaker
MTCD315-6 - Kevin and Ellen Mitchell: Have a Drop Mair
MTCD314 - Ray Andrews: Classic English Banjo
MTCD313 - Joe Rae: The Broom Blooms Bonny
MTCD311-2 - Up in the North, and Down in the South
MTCD309-0 - Just Another Saturday Night: Sussex 1960
MTCD308 - Daisy Chapman: Ythanside
MTCD307 - Wiggy Smith: Band of Gold
MTCD305-6 - Walter Pardon: Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father
MTCD304-5 - George Townshend: Come, Hand to Me the Glass
MTCD303 - Cyril Poacher: Plenty of Thyme
MTCD301-2 - Bob Hart: A Broadside
Musical Traditions 400 Series CDs
MTCD401-2 - Pop Maynard: Down the Cherry Tree
MTCD405 - E II: The Early Recordings 1985-86
MTCD406-7 - Songs of the North Riding
MTCD403-4 - Martin Carthy - No Longer Available
Musical Traditions 500 Series American CDs
MTCD501-2 - Far in the Mountains: Volumes 1 & 2
MTCD503-4 - Far in the Mountains: Volumes 3 & 4
MTCD501-4 - Far in the Mountains: complete set
MTCD505-6 - Meeting's a Pleasure: Volumes 1 & 2
MTCD507-8 - Meeting's a Pleasure: Volumes 3 & 4
MTCD505-8 - Meeting's a Pleasure: complete set
MTCD509 - Art Galbraith: Dixie Blossoms
MTCD510 - Roger Cooper: Essence of Old Kentucky
MTCD511 - Morgan MacQuarrie: Over the Cabot Trail
MTCD512 - Nimrod Workman: Mother Jones' Will
MTCD513 - Far in the Mountains: Volume 5
MTCD514-5 - When Cecil left the Mountains
MTCD516 - A Distant Land to Roam
MTCD517 - Oh, Listen Today
MTCD518-0 - Wait Till the Clouds Roll By
Musical Traditions 200 Series CDs
MTCD200 - Freddy McKay: Live!
MTCD201 - Billy Harrison: Yorkshire tunes, songs & carols
MTCD202 - Peta Webb: The Magpie's Nest
MTCD203 - Robert Leng, Jossy Mainprize, Jim Eldon: Songs & Tales
MT American Old Time 100 Series CDs
MTCD101 - Push Them Clouds Away
MTCD102 - Old Ship Sailing for the Promised Land
MTCD103 - Yearlings in the Canebreak
MTCD104 - Where the Southern Crosses the Dog
MTCD105 - John 'Seven Foot Dilly' Dilleshaw
MTCD100 - Old Time Music: complete set of 5 CDs
Musical Traditions CD-ROMs
MTCD250 - Morris Dancing: English S Midlands 1660-1900        
MTCD251 - House Dance: old 'octave' style Anglo concertina music
MTCD252 - A Somerset Scrapbook

MTCD253 - Vaughan Williams in Norfolk
MTCD254 - Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland

MTCD253 - Vaughan Williams in Norfolk Volume 2
Italian CDs
SFO 001 - Women's Songs from the Ricefields and Farms
SFO 003 - Sard Polyphonies
SFO 004 - Ritmia: forse il mare
Tronos AB01 - Baxiu e Contra
Other CDs
RUST 105 - Bob Lewis: The Painful Plough
SFO 002 - English Country Dance Band: Barn Dance
FBR 001 - Phoenix: after the fire
FBR 005 - Phoenix: All Fired Up
SFO 005 - East Anglia Sings: the 1947 broadcast

FMSC 3021 - Rod Stradling + Feckless: Rhythms of the Wold
Musical Traditions Magazines
MT11 - Musical Traditions No 11 magazine
MT10 - Musical Traditions No 10 magazine
MT09 - Musical Traditions No 9 magazine
MT08 - Musical Traditions No 8 magazine
MT06 - Musical Traditions No 6 magazine