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... this small but very valuable catalogue - Vic Smith in fRoots, in 2001.  Not so small now!
... a very significant contribution to folk-song scholarship - Dave Atkinson in Folk Music Journal
... some of the best collections available of traditional music - Steve Winnick in Dirty Linen


Wait Till the Clouds Roll By

[Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Part 3 of the Old World / New World Trilogy

MTCD518-0.  3-CD Set + 52 page integral booklet in DVD case   £20.00

79 tracks, 222 minutes.

Commercial recordings of American songs that have made it back to the Old World via 78rpm discs and/or printed music, together with how they sounded when taken up by the British oral tradition.

There are quite a few songs here that you probably never knew were American, nor can imagine what the 'original' sounded like.


George Belton

A True Furrow to Hold         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]

MTCD378 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

27 tracks, 81 minutes

George Belton was a great Sussex singer, who was born in Oxted, Surrey in 1898, the youngest of five.  He followed his father into farming and worked on farms in Surrey and Sussex, mainly with horses, throughout his life.  The second half of his life was spent on farms around Chichester and he lived in retirement at Birdham.

He had a sizeable repertoire of songs which were mainly learned from his parents and other members of his family, but others that he had 'picked up along the way'.  Traditional songs were the central part of his repertoire, but he also sang Victorian sentimental parlour ballads and Music Hall songs.

This CD is another of our 'complete recorded repertoire' releases, containing 27 songs - many of which are very full versions.


Oh, Listen Today

[Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     The roots of American Old-Timey fiddle music

MTCD517 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

30 tracks, 78 minutes.

Thirty tracks of vintage American Old-Timey fiddle music, with tunes that are derived from Britain and Europe.  Includes such well-known names as: Ed Haley, Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts, Narmour & Smith, Emmett Lundy, The Red-Headed Fiddlers, Edden Hammons, and many others.


Songs of the North Riding         

Songs of the North Riding         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]    

MTCD406-7   2 CDs, 67 tracks, 160 minutes   £10.00

In 1962 Colin S Wharton published his Leeds University degree thesis 'Folk Songs from the North Riding'.  This thesis was the culmination of his collecting in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  The finished work was 149 pages long and divided into five sections, according to subject matter: Songs of Love and Courtship, Songs from the Farm, Hunting Songs, Occasional Songs, and Songs of Sorrow.

This 2-CD Set has 67 songs from 22 singers, including the now relatively well-known Arthur Wood and Billy Pennock.


Charlie Bridger

[Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Won't you Buy my Pretty Flowers?

MTCD377 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

28 tracks, 80 minutes.

Charlie Bridger, of Stone-in-Oxney, Kent, was recorded by Andy Turner on 15th April 1983.  Charlie sang him 30 songs; 28 of which appear on this CD.  He's a lovely singer, with some terrific tunes to his songs.

A year later, Andy took Mike Yates to record him 'properly', and it is these recordings which appear on several Musical Traditions and Veteran CDs.  However, Mike’s recordings (using different/superior equipment) sound quite different to Andy’s, and Mike has agreed that a CD where all the tracks sound similar would be better (or easier to listen to) than one where a few of them sound radically different ... even if they are superior, technically.  So we have made this CD entirely of Andy's recordings, none of which have ever been published before.


A Distant Land to Roam

Anglo-American Songs and Tunes from Texas to Maine         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]

MTCD516 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

25 tracks, 78 minutes

Among these 25 songs and tunes that have gone across the seas, a distant land to roam, you will find some very recognisable versions.  Bradley Kincaid sings The Two Sisters and Fair Ellender and Lord Thomas, Bob Cranford sings Babes in the Wood, Bascom Lamar Lunsford sings The Derby Ram, and Emry Arthur sings Jack Hall.

Perhaps less easily recognisable are: The Stanley Brothers - Poison in a Glass of Wine; Frank Jenkins' Pilot Mountaineers - Go and Leave Me if You Wish It, Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers - Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me; Louisiana Lou - The Oxford Girl; Hattie and Ernest Stoneman - When Shall We get Married, John?  And downright extraordinarily, you'll hear The Southern Melody Boys with their Little Ball of Yarn and Blind Boy Fuller with Our Goodman or Seven Nights Drunk.

        Robert Leng and Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize with Jim Eldon

    [Review]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Songs and Tales from Flamborough Head

MTCD203   25 tracks, 45 minutes   £10.00

In 1988, Jim Eldon was gathering material for a cassette album of East Yorkshire fireside tales, and a friend took him to Flamborough and introduced him to Robert Leng and Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize.  The few snippets of ditties that had been dotted among the stream of tales grew into a whole repertoire of songs as more were remembered.  Eventually a cassette of songs and one of tales were issued on Jim's Stick Records label.

The fishermen's tales and poaching yarns speak for themselves.  There is very little editing in the stories section of this collection.  One yarn would spark another and the titles and track separations are just there to help you navigate through them if you want to revisit a particular favourite.


Freda Palmer

Leafield Lass         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD375-6 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

56 tracks, 132 minutes

Freda Palmer was born in, and lived most of her younger life in, Leafield, Oxfordshire.  Later, she mover to nearby Witney, where these recordings were made.  From the age of eleven, she was employed as a glover - making gloves, together with her mother at times, but mostly with her Aunt Annie, and it was from her that she learnt most of her songs, as they sat across the table together, sewing their gloves.

She had a phenomenal memory ... while raising six children she probably didn't have too much spare time for singing, and it was only in her later years that she was encouraged to visit folk clubs and festivals as a performer.  But to have a repertoire of sixty or so songs, and to sing 35 of them off the cuff in one day when Alison McMorland visited her was quite an acievement - not to mention reciting the 19 eight-line verses of Murphy's Little Girl without a stumble.

Everyone who knew her commented on her delightful, friendly personaliy - and the account of her life found in these pages shows that she was an almost unbelievably hard-working woman.  The don't make 'em like Freda any more!

        Vaughan Williams in Norfolk Vol 2 CD-ROM

    Digital book with embedded MIDI files,
[Review]     [List of Songs]                                                by Alan Helsdon

MTCD254   £12.00    

This is Volume 2 of the Vaughan Williams in Norfolk CD-ROM (MTCD253), we published in 2014.  It covers the three Norfolk collecting trips Ralph Vaughan Williams made in April 1908, October 1910 and December 1911.  He met some 22 singers and collected 93 songs from them.  As before, they are presented in staff notation, with full texts, and with link to MIDI sound files of the tunes, and there's a very substantial page of information on the singers.


The Two Bobs' Worth

Bob Lewis & Bob Copper         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD373 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

20 tracks, 80 minutes

The two Bobs were recorded at Nellie's folk club in Tonbridge, back in 1999, where they were performing together as The Two Bobs' Worth.  Given that they were recorded on a mini-disc machine, the recordings are excellent, and the singing is just glorious!

These were sung by Bob Lewis first, alternating with Bob Copper, and are presented in the order they occurred in performance, with no songs missed out.  I have edited the inter-song comments so that we end up with a duration of almost exacyly 80 minutes.  This is an absolutely splendid record; Bob Copper accompanies himself on concertina for most of his songs, and I have never heard Bob Lewis in better voice.  MT Records' 10% Sales Royalties will go to support the Sussex Traditions organisation.


When Cecil Left the Mountains

    [Review 3]     [Review 2]     [Review 1]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Historic recordings of Appalachian singers and musicians 1927 - 1955

MTCD5145.  2 CDs + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

83 tracks, 149 mins.

A two volume set of ballads, songs and music from people, families and areas encountered by Cecil Sharp on his 1916-18 collecting trips to Appalachia, taken from both commercial and private recordings.

Performers include: Horton Barker, Emmett Lundy, Luther Strong, Emma Shelton, Ella Shelton, Bill Stepp, Emory Stoop, Eliza Pace, Dad Blackard's Moonshiners, and 20 others.  A Mike Yates production.



English Gypsy Musicians         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD373 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

45 tracks, 63 minutes

This CD features a fiddler - Harry Lee - from whom only two tunes will have ever been heard by about 99.9% of our readers!  But I guess that almost all will have heard those two tunes on the LP Boscastle Breakdown.  We are very pleased to be able to present Harry's complete recorded repertoire of 18 tunes, here for the first time.  Also a fiddler and box player you've probably never even heard of, Vanslow Smith was an amazing musician, who used ALL the available accidentals on his pokerwork melodeon, and played some very jazzy skeleton fiddle through an amplifier ... at the age of 82!  There are 11 tracks of his playing here.

Also included are 9 tracks from Lemmie Brazil (melodeon), plus one track each from: Jasper and Levi Smith (mouthorgan & tambourine); Jasper and Darby Smith (mouthorgan & guitar); Joe Dozer Smith (diddling); Mary Biddle (diddling); Walter Aldridge (mouthorgan); and John Locke (fiddle) playing his Hornpipe, from the cylinder recording!

        Phoenix Dance Band

    [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     All Fired Up

Firebird Records FBR 005   15 tracks, 58 minutes   £10.00

Ten years after their first CD - after the fire - Phoenix return with 43 more less-than-well-known tunes,
forged into 15 new dance sets by several years of playing for dancing at numerous clubs and festivals.

They've found it great fun getting it all together and, with Sidmouth, Haddenham, Bath and Oxfolk Ceilidhs
lined up in the diary, they're All Fired Up about the future!


Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas

The Early Recordings 1985-85         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD405   22 tracks, 81 minutes   £10.00

E II started as a dance band in Cheltenham in 1980, and recorded three cassettes, Demos, Promos and Ethos in 1985 and 1986.  They were thinking about calling their next cassette d'Artagnan - but in 1987 the Cooking Vinyl record company came along with an LP offer, so that ended the series of pretentious record titles!

This CD contains all the cassette tracks, from "the best little English dance band on the planet" as someone called it back then.


I Wish There Was No Prisons

[Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Various performers

MTCD372 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

31 tracks, 81 minutes.

From the Mike Yates collections, 1964 - 1978.  The follow-up to the Harry Upton CD - containing the two songs for which there was insufficient space there - plus lots more that are versions of songs which Harry sang, others are sung by people that Harry knew, and songs that Harry would probably have recognised as being the sort of thing that he liked to sing.

29 songs and two recitations from Harry Upton, Johnny Doughty, George Spicer, Louise Fuller, George Attrill, Fred Jordan, William Harding, Bill Whiting, Percy Bridges, The Cantwell Family, Alice Green, Cyril Nunn, Freda Palmer, Son Townsend, Fred Welfare, and Ruth and Clare Pinner.  We believe that none of these recordings are currently available on CD.


Harry Upton

Why Can't it Always be Saturday?         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]    

MTCD371 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

22 tracks, 78 minutes

Harry Upton was born in 1900 in Hove, Sussex.  His father, Frank, from whom he learned most of his songs, was a shepherd from West Blatchington and must have been born c.1865 and, to Harry's knowledge, had been a shepherd on the South Downs all his life.  By the time he was 13, Harry had left school and was working as his father's shepherd boy.  He worked with his father for about five years and then left to become a carter, working with horses on the Dyke Hills, beyond Brighton.  Harry worked with horses until his marriage in 1927 when he moved to Balcombe to work as a tractor driver, a job that was to last for 40 years.

This CD contains almost all of the songs he let Mike Yates record - including Canadee-I-O and The Wreck of the Northfleet.

        Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland CD-ROM

    Digital book with embedded MP3 files,
[List of Songs]                                                 by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger

MTCD254   £12.00    

MacColl and Seeger’s 1977 book was years ahead of its time in terms of its detailed consideration of all aspects of Gypsy and Traveller songs and culture in the UK.  The Introduction and Music Notes are hugely informative, as are the 12 pages on the 18 singers.  All the 131 songs (in 155 versions) are here as full length MP3 recordings, along with the original texts and staff notations.


David Stacey

Good Luck to the Journeyman         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD360 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

24 tracks, 74 minutes

David Stacey was born and brought up in Saffron Walden, Essex, in 1943.  From his twenties he spent many years alternating between archaeology in Israel and apple and hop picking in Kent.  There he met Mary Ann Haynes' son Ted, and Nelson Ridley's nephew Henry - and through them, many other Gypsies and Travellers in the area.  He was privy to many of the sing-songs they participated in, and learned a good number of their songs.  Back home, in later life, he encountered a number of other Travellers in north Essex and Cambridgeshire, and a local traditional singer, Walter Jarvis - learning more songs on the way - in addition to the repertoire he'd acquired from books and records.  This is a most interesting and unusual CD.

        Vaughan Williams in Norfolk CD-ROM
    Digital book with embedded midi files,
[List of Songs]                                                 by Alan Helsdon

Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader - MTCD253   £12.00    

Ralph Vaughan Williams spent nine days in and around King’s Lynn in January 1905 and September 1906.  He collected 86 songs and four dance tunes from 20 singers - one of whom also played the fiddle.  Along with much else, this book presents: his itinerary; a narrative account of the trips; all the songs and tunes as PDF pages with song texts, staff notation and playable midi sound files of their tunes; and a very substantial page of information on the singers.


Sam Larner

Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award
Winner 2014-16
Cruising Round Yarmouth         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]    

MTCD369-0 Two CDs + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

67 tracks, 149 minutes

The 1958/60 recordings by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger of this wonderful Norfolk singer - 65 songs and fragments, plus four spoken passages, give a great impression of Sam's life and times - pretty-well his complete recorded repertoire is here.

But, most of all, it's the startling quality of his singing which is so impressive.


I Pray You Pay Attention

[Review 1]    [Review 2]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     and listen to my song

MTCD367-8 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

50 tracks, 156 minutes.

Keith Summers, MT's original editor, died on 30th March 2004, shortly after the release of The Hardy Sons of Dan (MTCD329-0), the double CD of his 1977-83 Co Fermanagh recordings.  This present double CD may be seen as volumes 3 & 4 of that set, and is issued to mark the 10th anniversary of Keith's death.

Many of the same singers are here, plus a good number of others, giving a great selection of traditional songs, ditties, and hunting songs from around Lough Erne's shore - but no more football songs.


Caroline Hughes

Sheep-Crook and Black Dog         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD365-6 Two CDs + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

90 tracks, 142 minutes

This legendary Gypsy singer is thought by many to be the finest exponent of the art.  In addition, we have a few songs from her husband, brother-in-law, daughter, and Emily Baker, another singer in their Traveller group.  These are the rarely heard 1963 and 1966 recordings made by Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger and Charles Parker, which we're proud to make widely available for the first time.  All Caroline Hughes' best-known songs are here, plus many more including eight never before heard, which have been allocated new Roud Numbers.  If the fragmentary nature of some of her songs displeases you, just enjoy the wonderful tunes, the variable verse lengths, long and short lines, and her brilliant musicianship.

Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award Winner 2012-14

Cecilia Costello

[Review]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     "Old Fashioned Songs"

MTCD363-4 + 44 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

Two CDs, 89 tracks, 155 minutes.

This great singer from Birmingham was just one generation away from rural Ireland, with a repertoire ranging from a never before collected English revenant ballad to the music-hall and pop songs of her youth.  CD 1 contains all the Leader and Folktrax 1951 recordings, while CD 2 has 63 songs recorded in 1967 and '71 by Charles Parker, Roy Palmer and Jon Raven, none of which have been previously released.  Both include passages of speech about the songs and her life.  Another 'complete recorded repertoire' release from MT Records.


The Willett Family

Adieu to Old England         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]    

MTCD361-2 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs - 35 tracks, 101 minutes

Topic released their first ever LP of English traditional singers in 1963 - The Willett Family: A Roving Jouneyman.  They acknowledged the help of Ken Stubbs, who first located and recorded the Willetts.  Musical Traditions Records are now - 50 years later - very pleased to be able to present those first 31 Ken Stubbs recordings, plus 4 tracks from elsewhere, making this the complete recorded repertoire of the Willett Family ... generally accepted as amongst the finest English Gypsy singers ever recorded.


Bernie Cherry

        [Review 2]     [Review 1]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     With powder, shot and gun

MTCD359 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

21 tracks, 76 minutes.

Bernie is an English traditional style singer with a very interesting repertoire of unusual songs, and/or unfamiliar versions.  Perhaps, equally importantly, he copies no one - either revivalist or traditional.

Twenty-one newly recorded 2013 performances, with occasional melodeon accompaniments by Roger Grimes or Rod Stradling.


Far in the Montains, volume 5

Echoes from the Mountains         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]     Yet another gift from Musical Traditions that is not only a joy to listen to but will serve as an inspiration fo all performers who want to access and tap the roots of Appalachian music. John Bentham, in ED&S.

MTCD513 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

43 tracks, 77 minutes

Since their publication, back in 2002, the 4-CD set Far in the Mountains have been MT's best-selling production, and are a wonderful source of splendid songs, tunes and stories.

Recently Mike Yates found time to re-listen to some of the recordings that had not made their way onto the four CDs, and was rather surprised to discover just how much good material had been left off the albums, and so set about putting together Far in the Mountains - Volume 5.

  A Somerset Scrapbook CD-ROM
    [Review 2]     [Review]     [Contents]     Digital book with embedded audio files,
by Bob and Jacqueline Patten

MTCD252   £12.00    

Back in 1987, Bob and Jacqueline Patten published a 120-page book and 60-minute cassette called Somerset Scrapbook.  Now, twenty-five years later, it's available again, completely updated and re-formatted for the digital age with embedded sound files.


A Second Catalogue Sampler

No longer available.

Use the Sampler page instead.


King's Head Folk Club

Many thanks for the King's Head CDs – brilliant idea to do them, and really good to listen to.  Steve Roud.     [Review]   [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Traditional Performers

MTCD356-7 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

48 tracks, 156 mins.

A double CD of some of the traditional performers who were guests at this North London club in the period 1968 to 1970.

They are: Meg Aitken, Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman, George Belton, Bob Cann, Daisy Chapman, Seamus Ennis, Lizzie Higgins, Tim Lyons, Freddie McKay, Oliver Mulligan, Albert Shaw, Jack Smith, Phoebe Smith, Scan Tester, Terry Vosper, Percy Webb, Alf Wildman ... several of these have never before appeared on record.


George Townshend

Come, Hand to Me the Glass         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]    

MTCD304-5 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

53 tracks, 154 minutes

The new double CD version.  All the songs he recorded for Brian Matthews in 1960/61.  The 24 full-length songs appearing in full in the single CD version, plus the 5 songs not included in full there, plus 5 more not included at all ... and now, plus all the 19 songs he recorded for Ken Stubbs.


House Dance CD-ROM

    [Review]     [Contents]     Digital book with embedded audio files, by Dan Worrall

MTCD251   £12.00

The heyday of the Anglo-German concertina (1860s to World War I) coincided with a time when social dances in houses, barns, woolsheds and community halls were all the rage in working class urban and rural areas.  Here are 172 archival recordings of 36 early concertina players performing schottisches, polkas, quadrilles, waltzes, barn dances, mazurkas, and varsovianas from Ireland, England, Australia and South Africa.  The digital book explores such topics as:

Nineteenth century social dances; Global sources of the house dance repertoire; Old-style octave playing on the concertina; The banning of house dances in early twentieth century Ireland; Biographies and playing styles of early concertina players (with recordings); Modern players in the old octave style (with recordings); A tutorial in octave playing (with recordings, walking you through playing in octaves and across the rows); Discography.  Includes more than 150 photos and graphics, and more than 200 sound files in MP3 format.

Sarah Makem

As I Roved Out         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]     Listening to Mary of Kilmore on the first CD of Sarah's collection as I write this..lovely singing and it's really such a joy to have the treasure of these three CDs and the booklet. Congratulations on putting it all together, only you will know just how much work and thought went into it but from just looking and listening, I can sense that it's a real labour of love.
Colum Sands - BBC Radio Ulster.

3-CD Set: MTCD353-5 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £20.00

71 tracks, 230 mins   Includes more than 40 previously unpublished recordings!

Our second 3-CD Set publication.  Together with the soon-to-be-relesed Topic CD, Sarah Makem: The Heart is True, TSCD674 (also an MT Records production), this set should represent the complete recorded repertoire of one of Ireland's most celebrated traditional singers.


Harry Langston

    [Review]   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]         Dear Gladys, Dear Gertie ...

MTCD352 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

18 tracks, 74 minutes

Harry Langston has selected his favourite Lancashire dialect poems, written some glorious tunes for them, and sings them superbly.  If you like traditional songs, you'll love these 'new' ones you've never heard before.

Humour, power and passion - just listen to the sound clips in the Booklet Notes.


Bill Smith

A country life         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]       Bill has a strong voice, and this is an absorbing and lively disc.
Roy Palmer in English Dance & Song.

MTCD351 + 36 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

65 tracks, 79 mins.

The recordings of Bill Smith were all made by his son, Andrew, over the period 1979 - 1983.  They are, most importantly, perhaps the only available example of the completely unmediated repertoire of an ordinary countryman, from the centre of England, in the middle of the 20th century.  Andrew wasn't a song collector, and didn't choose what to record and what to omit - he just recorded what Bill remembered … songs, recitations, stories, jokes.


Fred 'Pip' Whiting

    [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]     [Review]     Old-time hornpipes, polkas and jigs

MTCD350 + 16 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

42 tracks, 69 mins.

A representative selection of fiddle tunes from Fred 'Pip' Whiting, of Suffolk.  This CD may be seen as a companion-piece to our earlier Stephen Baldwin CD (MTCD334).

Keith Summers wrote: Fred Whiting's exploitation of his exposure to traditional musicians and music outside his immediate milieu made him that rare thing, a modern traditional musician - of the kind which was common in Ireland and Irish communities elsewhere, but almost completely unheard of in England outside the northeast.  His neglect is also in part due to that uniqueness.


Nimrod Workman

Mother Jones' Will         [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]

MTCD512 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

26 tracks, 80 mins   This production by Mark Wilson of the North American Traditions Series.

One of Appalachia's most celebrated traditional singers and symbolically linked the region's idealized past with the reality of its ongoing political struggles. (Journal of American Folklore)

Our fourth '500 series' publication.  A selection of songs and ballads from this great West Virginia singer, including three of his own Union and mining songs.  Tracks 1 - 18 originally appeared on Rounder LP 0076 in 1976, a further 8 have been added to this 2011 production.


Morgan MacQuarrie

Just listening to the Morgan MacQuarrie album. Have fallen in love with the Maids of Arrochar and Mrs Jamieson's Favourite. Maybe the sentimental in me, but the tunes are beautiful and the playing so emotive!
Dr Janet Topp Fargion 
Lead Curator, World and Traditional Music
The British Library     Over The Cabot Trail is a must for fans of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle music, and indeed traditional fiddle music in general - another treasure trove of  music. Well done Musical Traditions.
Danny Saunders - in Living Tradition.     [Review]    [Booklet Notes]    [Tracklist]         Over the Cabot Trail

MTCD511 + 20 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

12 tracks, 55 tunes, 69 mins

The third of our new '500 series' publications.  A selection of fiddle tunes from Morgan MacQuarrie of Inverness County, Cape Breton, accompanied by Gordon MacLean, piano.

A compilation of 12 tracks of typical Cape Breton medleys, totalling 55 tunes in all.

Produced and annotated by Mark Wilson of the North American Traditions Series.
Recorded by Mark Wilson with the assistance of Paul MacDonald.


Roger Cooper

Essence of Old Kentucky         [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Autobiography]   [Review]   The thing that stands out is [the tunes] incredible beauty. They really are a joy to hear. Roger Cooper is a wonderfully talented fiddle-player - one of the very best old-time fiddlers playing today.
Mike Yates in MT

MTCD510 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

34 tracks, 71 mins   This production by Mark Wilson of the North American Traditions Series.

Our second '500 series' publication.  A selection of fiddle tunes from Roger Cooper, of Lewis County, Kentucky, accompanied by Robin Kessinger, guitar, and Michael Garvin, bass and occasional guitar.  A compilation of the 34 tunes on the original Rounder CD, no longer available.

Roger Cooper was the particular protege of the wonderful Buddy Thomas - who, tragically, died at the age of only 38.  Out of the 34 tunes, eleven came to Roger from Buddy and a further fourteen from other local musicians, such as Abe Keiber, Bob Prater, Morris Allen, Jimmy Wheeler and George Hawkins.


Art Galbraith

    Art was seventy years old when he made this recording, not usually the peak of a fiddler's powers, but from the opening bars of Dixie Blossoms it's clear that he's still a master: beautiful lazy glissando, double stopped harmonies, and a wonderfully light touch characterise this music.
Alex Monaghan in Living Tradition     [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]     [Review]     Dixie Blossoms

MTCD509 + 16 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

33 tracks, 72 mins

Our first all-new '500 series' publication.  A selection of fiddle tunes from Art Galbraith of Springfield, Missouri, accompanied by Gordon McCann, guitar.  A compilation of the 16 tunes on the original Rounder LP, plus 17 more, recorded specially for the purpose in 1984, but never published.

Renowned collector, Vance Randolph, said: "Art Galbraith is the best Ozarks fiddler I have ever heard."  This new production by Gordon McCann and Mark Wilson of the North American Traditions Series.


May Bradley

Sweet Swansea    May Bradley is, in my opinion, one of the greatest treasures of the English tradition and, if it hadn't been for the happy accident of her meeting the song collector, Fred Hamer, a treasure that would have been lost ... This CD contains all the songs she recorded ... There are passages of breath-taking beauty here ... they are utterly thrilling.
Chris Bartram, in Shreds and Patches.    [Tracklist]     [Review]     [Booklet Notes]

MTCD349 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   39 tracks, 80 minutes   £12.00

For the first time, the complete recorded repertoire of this great Gypsy singer, as collected by Fred Hamer.  Includes Sweet Swansea, Long a-Growing, McCaffery, My Blue Eyed Lover, The Leaves of Life, On Christmas Day, The Outlandish Knight and 19 other songs.

An absolute 'must' for lovers of English traditional song.


     And Then it Happened!

  For fifty years, Ken has purposefully ambled through that no-man's-land between the revival and the tradition ... he has developed a unique, powerful, declamatory style ... genuinely touching tales, an anecdote or a brush with mortality, especially the wartime evacuee pieces ... This set stands as a one-man show. Save your pennies and invest in a copy; it will make you smile through the credit crunch, and entertain you through many long journeys and dark hours.  Taffy Thomas in ED&S   [Review]   [Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   Ken Langsbury's Stories

MTCD348 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

17 tracks, 63 mins.

Seventeen of Ken Langsbury's wonderful and unforgetable stories old and new: Swindle 'em Station; The Fire Brigade; The Man from the BBC; Moreton in Marsh; One Thursday Dinnertime; The Cherry Tree; The Bishop of Worcester and ten others.

Brand new, digital, stereo recordings of a performance before an invited audience in September 2009.


The Brazil Family

Down by the Old Riverside   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]   This really is the most important commercial release showcasing the English tradition to have appeared in many a long day.  I cannot stress it enough : absolutely essential.  Keith Chandler   Every one of the people on these CDs is worth listening to. Their store of songs is like the proverbial river, wide and deep, and just as refreshing.  Musical Traditions deserve the highest praise for having the belief and the courage to issue deeply uncommercial things like this.  Roy Harris in Taplas   The importance of these recordings can scarcely be overstated.  They represent the very best of the last flowering of traditional song in England and praise needs to be heaped upon everyone involved in the recordings and the production of the high quality accompanying booklet.  Vic Smith in The Folk Diary

MTCD345-7 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £20.00

3 CDs, 89 tracks, 195. mins   Pre-production costs generously funded by the Greenwich Traditional Musicians Cooperative.

Our first 3-CD set.  A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from the Brazil Family of Gloucester.  A unique compilation of the repertoire of a single English Gypsy family,from the collections of Peter Shepheard, Gwilym Davies, Mike Yates, Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy.

Featuring: Danny Brazil, Harry Brazil, Lemmie Brazil, Hyram Brazil, Tom Brazil, Weenie Brazil, Alice Webb and her son, Angela Brazil, Doris Davies, Joan Taylor, Debbie and Pennie Davies.


     A Story to Tell:

Indispensible for anyone who thinks they know anything about traditional singing or music-making in England at all.  Philip Heath-Coleman   160 minutes of toal immersion in the pub-based traditional music and song of East Suffolk villages in the '70s ... This is too good for the shops, but you can get it from the website ... Tony Hendry in The Living Tradition   [Review]   [Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   Keith Summers in Suffolk 1972-79

MTCD339-0 + 52 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 75 tracks, 160 mins

A 2-CD set issued as a complement to the Veteran Keith Summers VT154CD.  A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from Suffolk, from the collections of Keith Summers 1972-79.

Featuring: Jumbo Brightwell, Alec Bloomfield, Bob Scarce, Cyril Poacher, Jimmy Knights, Oscar Woods, Percy Ling, Billy List, Charlie Whiting, Font Watling, Fred Whiting, Eley Went, Fred List, Fred Pearce, Geoff Ling, George Ling, George Woolnough, Harkie Nesling, Reg Reeder and many others.


Meeting's a Pleasure, Vols 3&4

Folksongs of the Upper South   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]   Sometimes it takes dedication to appreciate music like this but, once that work is done, these recordings repay you handsomely.
Brian Peters in EDS   The sheer variety of songs, tunes and performers to be found on these CDs is astonishing ... the whole package is a joy.
Gordon Potter in The Living Tradition

MTCD507-8 + 44 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2CDs, 62 tracks, 141 mins

Second pair of a 4-CD set.  A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from Kentucky and nearby areas, from the collections of Mark Wilson, Gus Meade and John Harrod.

Featuring: Buell Kazee, J P and Annadeene Fraley, Sarah Gunning, Jim Garland, Blanche Coldiron, The Dixon Sisters, Asa Martin, Nimrod Workman, Roscoe Holcomb, Snake Chapman, Wash Nelson, Mary Lozier and many others.


All four Volumes of Meeting's a Pleasure
when ordered together - £30.00


     Meeting's a Pleasure, Vols 1&2

Sometimes it takes dedication to appreciate music like this but, once that work is done, these recordings repay you handsomely.
Brian Peters in EDS   The sheer variety of songs, tunes and performers to be found on these CDs is astonishing ... the whole package is a joy.
Gordon Potter in The Living Tradition   [Review]   [Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   Folksongs of the Upper South

MTCD505-6 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 69 tracks, 140 mins

First pair of a 4-CD set.  A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from Kentucky and nearby areas, from the collections of Mark Wilson, Gus Meade and John Harrod.

Featuring: Buell Kazee, J P and Annadeene Fraley, Sarah Gunning, Jim Garland, Blanche Coldiron, The Dixon Sisters, Asa Martin, Nimrod Workman, Roscoe Holcomb, Snake Chapman, Wash Nelson, Mary Lozier and many others.


Lizzie Higgins

In Memory of ...   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review 1]   [Review 2]   The quality shines through throughout this collection, from the tracks of muckle sangs, or songs verging on the muckle, to merry little ditties almost like interludes, which range in turn reflects the broad spectrum in which Lizzie performed.  A fitting celebration of a gifted traditional singer ... a collection of gems both rough and polished ... a big part of the nation's heritage.
Alasdair Maclean in The Scots Magazine  

MTCD337-8 + 36 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2CDs, 34 tracks, 155 mins     Runner-up in fROOTS Critics Poll 2007

A memorial album of this great Aberdeenshire singer, containing 34 recordings of the best of her songs not currently available on CD, many of which have never been published before.

The 36-page booklet contains a brief biography and an appraisal of Lizzie's singing style by Dr Ian Olson, full song notes and transcriptions - and lots of photos.


     Songs from the Golden Fleece

These recordings are a joyful and communal experience ... they give an accurate impression of evenings in Stroud's Golden Fleece ... one can still sense the presence of all the other participants.  You feel like you're part of the gang - they all sing as if they know you're listening!
Chris Bartram in MT.   [Review]   [Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   A song tradition today

MTCD335-6 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 38 tracks, 136 mins

A selection of songs, ballads and a story from one of today's singing pubs.

Featuring Bob Bray, Audrey Smith, Roger Grimes, Ken Langsbury, Chris Molan, Harry Langston, Martin Graebe, Shan Cowan, Danny Stradling, Rod Stradling, Jeff Gillett.  All tracks are newly recorded in digital stereo.


Stephen Baldwin

"Here's One You'll Like, I Think"   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]   I have been again reminded of the astonishing - actually intimidating - high standard of so much of MT's production. I know of no other place, online or in-print, where material of such detail, authority, and value is published in its entirety.
Dr Christopher Smith - Music History and Literature Director, Texas Tech University School of Music.   I sincerely hope that this magnificent work informs fiddlers and other musicians who have any interest at all in their musical roots.
Flos Headford in ED&S   I thought I'd just say how much I've enjoyed this. The quality is remarkably good, and the format is elegant. The booklet was informative and of great interest, particularly to one who knows the area. 
Roy Palmer

MTCD334 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

59 tracks, 73 mins

Containing all the 59 known recordings of Gloucestershire's Stephen Baldwin - village and Morris dance fiddler.
The 28-page booklet contains pretty-well all that is known about him and his family, as well as some information about his musical neighbours in the Forest.
There are also 13 photos, including three previously unpublished ones from 1947, and an examination of Baldwin's unique fiddle style.


     Around the Hills of Clare

  Songs and a recitation from the Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie Collection

[Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]

MTCD331-2 + 44 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 47 tracks, 156 mins

Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie's 1973-2004 recordings of 16 singers from west Co Clare.
Includes Tom Lenihan, Nora Cleary, Straighty Flanagan, Ollie Conway, Martin Howley ...

Published in collaboration with An Góilín traditional singers' club.


The Birds Upon the Tree

and other traditional songs and tunes   I could sing the praises of this release for eternity - Keith Chandler   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]

MTCD333 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

27 tracks, 76 mins

A further selection from the Mike Yates Collection, featuring Fred Jordan, Packie Manus Byrne, George Fradley, Charlie Bridger, Scan Tester & Rabbidy Baxter, Archer Goode, George Spicer, Bob Blake, Debbie & Pennie Davis, Freda Palmer, Harry Cockerill, Ray Driscoll, Jacquey Gabriel, Alice Francombe, Ivor Hill & family.  22 of the 27 tracks are previously unreleased.


     The Hardy Sons of Dan

There are singers here who startle me in their musical sensitivity - they're like good fiddlers.
Finbar Boyle - Claddagh Records.   Football, hunting and other traditional songs from around Lough Erne's shore

[Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   [Review 1]   [Review 2]

MTCD329-0 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 37 tracks, 135 mins

Keith Summers' great 1977-83 recordings of 14 singers from Fermanagh and surrounding areas.  Includes Maggie Murphy, Phil McDermott, James and Paddy Halpin, Mary Anne Connolly, Big John Maguire ...



Country Songs and Music   ... it has been a real joy listening to both of the Oak CDs - thanks a million for putting this material out ...  What a joyous noise ...  I listened over and over to them ...  I have a fair CD collection, but this one really stands out.  John Ledger - Aberdeen   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]   [Review]

MTCD327-8 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   32 tracks, 106 mins

A double CD set containing all the songs and tunes from the seminal 1971 LP Welcome to Our Fair plus virtually everything else they ever sang or played, in live recordings from clubs in Cheltenham, Benfleet - and their final gig in Walthamstow.

It was Oak that really confirmed to me the importance and value of the tradition - Jon Dudley (Copper Family)


     Here's Luck to a Man ...

Another valuable contribution to the storehouse of recorded English rural traditional song.  I recommend it without hesitation.  Tom Walsh - in MT   Gypsy Songs and Music from South-East England

[Tracklist]   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]

MTCD320 + 36 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

39 tracks, 79 mins

Mike Yates' great 1970s recordings of Mary Ann Haynes, Jasper, Minty, Levi and Derby Smith, Joe and Lena Jones, Alice Penfold, Bill Ellson, Chris Willett.  A superb companion piece to From Puck to Appleby, below.


From Puck to Appleby

Songs of Irish Travellers in England   Quite simply the most important and vital album of traditional song to emerge for some time. Geoff Wallis, in fRoots   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

incorporating 'Early in the Month of Spring'

MTCD325-6 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   45 tracks, 158 mins

A superb 2-CD set containing most of Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie's 1973-1985 recordings of Irish Travellers in and around London - ballads, songs and stories.  15 of these tracks originally appeared on the VWML cassette 'Early in the Month of Spring'


The Catalogue Sampler

No longer available.

Use the Sampler page instead.



Far in the Mountains

Volumes 3 & 4   A wonderful collection which can be enjoyed on so many levels and deserves a wide audience. I, for one, will be drawn back to it many times. 
Shirley Collins - in fRoots   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

The Appalachian Collection

MTCD503-4 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   58 tracks, 149 mins

Second two volumes of a 4-CD set containing most of Mike Yates' 1979-1983 Appalachian recordings - ballads, songs, stories and music - in stereo.


All four Volumes of Far in the Mountains
when ordered together - £30.00


Far in the Mountains

[Tracklist]   [Review]   [Booklet Notes]   The sound quality is excellent - no digitally restored 78s here - and the detailed booklets are superb. The atmosphere of these relaxed visits is also caught - chickens crowing in the background, fires crackling, the creak of the rocking chair ... 
Nick Pilley - in Old Time News   Volumes 1 & 2

The Appalachian Collection

MTCD501-2 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   80 tracks, 150 mins

First two volumes of a 4-CD set containing most of Mike Yates' 1979-1983 Appalachian recordings - ballads, songs, stories and music - in stereo.


George Dunn

Chainmaker   We are once more in Musical Traditions's debt for allowing us to hear another classic traditional singer in all his glory. As usual, a thoroughly informative and fascinating booklet accompanies. Very strongly recommended. 
Paul Burgess - in Folkwrite   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD317-8 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   51 tracks, 128 minutes

The great Black Country singer - a selection of virtually all the songs he recorded in the early seventies for Roy Palmer, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, and Charles Parker.




Kevin and Ellen Mitchell

[Tracklist]   [Review]   [Booklet Notes]   This is a double CD of the highest quality singing you could wish to hear. A real bargain. 
Roy Harris - in Living Tradition

An album of inestimable value.
Geoff Wallis - in fRoots   Have a Drop Mair

Ballads and songs from Ireland and Scotland

MTCD315-6 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   39 tracks, 159 mins

Traditional Irish and Scotish songs and ballads from two great singers.  All newly recorded by Rod Stradling in 2000-1 in sparkling digital stereo.




Ray Andrews

Classic English Banjo   A deft finger-style banjo picker who makes everything from Tin Pan Alley tunes to a Beethoven minuet sound natural and easy ... the CD gives us a wonderful glimpse at an unusual and little-known tradition. 
Steve Winnick - in Dirty Linen   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD314 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £12.00

26 tracks, 74 mins

Almost every tune he is known to have recorded - tapes from the mid-seventies and eighties, mostly previously unreleased.




Joe Rae

[Tracklist]   [Review 1]   [Review 2]   [Booklet Notes]   Showcases not only ballad singing but also story-telling, and each of Joe Rae's skills looks all the better in the light of the other ... a fine addition to your collection. 
Steve Winnick - in Dirty Linen   The Broom Blooms Bonny
Ballads, songs and stories from Ayrshire

MTCD313 + 20 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £12.00

15 tracks, 74 mins

Eight 'big ballads', three traditional folktales and four songs, recorded by Mike Yates in 2001 - all in sparkling digital stereo.




Up in the North
and Down in the South

Various performers from the N & S of England   These CDs are brilliant. You'd think they were recorded last week! It's great to hear new material, and the previously unissued items were well worth waiting for. 
Ron Coe
[Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD311-2 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £16.00

2 CDs   53 tracks, 148 minutes

A selection of otherwise unavailable songs and tunes from the Mike Yates Collection 1964-2000, 19 of which are previously unreleased.




Just Another Saturday Night:
Sussex 1960

[Tracklist]   [Review]   [Booklet Notes]  The whole production is an absolute triumph ... these CDs contain that rare beast - recordings of traditional performers performing ... to a roomful of their peers, spontaneously, naturally and with an extreme of skill.
Paul Burgess, in Folk Write  Various performers

MTCD309-10 + 40 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £16.00

2 CDs   51 tracks, 148 mins

All the songs Brian Matthews recorded in Sussex pubs in 1959/60.  Includes Pop Maynard, Brick Harber, George Spicer, and the never before heard - and truly wonderful - Sarah Porter.


Daisy Chapman

Ythanside   A commanding, magnetic narrator capable of holding the serious attention of rowdy audiences ... a treasure-house of both music and information, as well as a loving and heartfelt portrait. 
Steve Winick, in Dirty Linen   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD308 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £12.00

23 tracks, 68 minutes

The great but rarely-heard Buchan, Aberdeenshire, singer.  All the songs she is known to have recorded from 1965/70.




Wiggy Smith

and other Smith Family members

[Tracklist]   [Review]   [Booklet Notes]   This CD is a superb contribution to the national sound archives and one that every serious student of English Traditional song should have in their collection. 
Tom Walsh, in MT   Band of Gold

MTCD307 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case.   £12.00

33 tracks, 74 mins

All the songs they recorded for Peter Shepheard, Mike Yates, Gwilym Davies and Paul Burgess in 1966/99.


Walter Pardon

Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father      [Tracklist]     [Booklet Notes]    There is so much on these CDs to give pleasure and satisfaction to the listener and a whole body of information for interested parties to take their investigations further ... I can only end by repeating my delight which, I'm sure will be shared by many, that Walter has been revisited with this degree of attention. 
Roly Brown, in Musical Traditions
the other songs of Walter Pardon

MTCD305-6 + 44 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs, 49 tracks, 146 mins

All the songs not currently available on CD elsewhere.  1978/82 recordings from Mike Yates.


Cyril Poacher

[Tracklist]   [Review 1]   [Review 2]   [Booklet Notes]   Here it is, then, the real thing; as skilled, authentic and convincing an interpreter of English traditional song as the second half of the twentieth century can offer!
Vic Smith, in fRoots   Plenty of Thyme

MTCD303 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

31 tracks, 72 minutes

Every song he is known to have recorded.  1965/78 tapes from Ginette Dunn, Tony Engle, Neil Lanham, Keith Summers, Mike Yates.




Bob Hart

A Broadside   This one scores over all the compilations by making such an in-depth study of someone who was clearly a major talent. The fascinating booklet and photos add to the interest.
Vic Smith, in Folk Roots   [Review 1]   [Review 2]   [Booklet Notes]   [Tracklist]

MTCD301-2 + 36 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs   46 tracks, 144 mins

Every song he is known to have recorded.  1969 tapes from Bill Leader and Rod & Danny Stradling




Pop Maynard

[Tracklist]     Down the Cherry Tree

MTCD401-2 - no booklet   £10.00   2CDs   32 tracks   93 minutes

For completists: all the songs and fragments Brian Matthews recorded from him in 1959-60, 11 of which also appear on MTCD309-10

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