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A Little Box of Delights         


MTCD408-9   2 CDs, 41 tracks, 150 minutes   £5.00

Only 3 left

A collection, or more properly, a selection, of tracks from various MT Records CDs, providing forty-one tracks and two and a half hours that particularly delight me and, I hope, fittingly mark the end of twenty-two years of record production.

Catch It, Bottle It, Paint It Green

[Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Songs from the Gwilym Davies collection:
a companion CD to the book of the same name

MTCD379 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   6.00

25 tracks, 64 minutes.

Only 2 left

Gwilym Davies has been recording source singers in the UK and USA for nearly 50 years.  This CD is a selection of 25 recordings and is a companion CD to his book, Catch It, Bottle It, Paint It Green. which can be obtained from Pegasus Publishers.


Ray Andrews

Classic English Banjo   A deft finger-style banjo picker who makes everything from Tin Pan Alley tunes to a Beethoven minuet sound natural and easy ... the CD gives us a wonderful glimpse at an unusual and little-known tradition. 
Steve Winnick - in Dirty Linen   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD314 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case.   6.00

26 tracks, 74 mins

Only 1 left

Almost every tune he is known to have recorded - tapes from the mid-seventies and eighties, mostly previously unreleased.




Joe Rae

[Tracklist]   [Review 1]   [Review 2]   [Booklet Notes]   Showcases not only ballad singing but also story-telling, and each of Joe Rae's skills looks all the better in the light of the other ... a fine addition to your collection. 
Steve Winnick - in Dirty Linen   The Broom Blooms Bonny
Ballads, songs and stories from Ayrshire

MTCD313 + 20 page integral booklet in DVD case.   6.00

15 tracks, 74 mins

Only 1 left

Eight 'big ballads', three traditional folktales and four songs, recorded by Mike Yates in 2001 - all in sparkling digital stereo.

Daisy Chapman

Ythanside   A commanding, magnetic narrator capable of holding the serious attention of rowdy audiences ... a treasure-house of both music and information, as well as a loving and heartfelt portrait. 
Steve Winick, in Dirty Linen   [Booklet Notes]   [Review]   [Tracklist]

MTCD308 + 32 page integral booklet in DVD case.   6.00

23 tracks, 68 minutes

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The great but rarely-heard Buchan, Aberdeenshire, singer.  All the songs she is known to have recorded from 1965/70.




    John 'Seven Foot Dilly' Dilleshaw

[Tracklist]   [Review]         Georgia Bust Down 1930

MTCD105   16 tracks   52 minutes   5.00

Only 1 left

To acquire the small stack of 78s that have been gathered together on this CD would call for the patience of a seasoned angler and a bankroll as big as the Ritz - Tony Russell

Morris Dancing in the English
south Midlands 1660-1900 CD-ROM

Aspects of Social and Cultural History                                             [Contents]

MTCD250   >5.00    

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The great majority of Keith Chandler's writings on the Cotswold Morris, including two complete books - Ribbons, Bells and Squeaking Fiddles and the Chronological Gazeteer - an unpublished article on the Forest of Dean Morris, 6 other long articles and 8 shorter ones. All specially updated for this edition, and with dozens of unpublished photos.
  Baxiu e Contra
[Review]     [Tracklist]    

Tronos AB01 + 16 page booklet   5.00   9 tracks, 43 mins

Alberto Balia, with Antonio Pani, Enrico Frongia, and Massimo Perra
a meeting between Sardinian poetry and music

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A worthy succsessor to the amazing Ritmia: forse il mare (above)

The English Country Dance Band

[Tracklist]     Barn Dance

Only 1 left

Snatch'd from Oblivion SFO 002   2.50   14 tracks   57 minutes

26 tunes for 14 dances with full dance instructions

  Rod Stradling
+ Feckless
[Insert Notes]     [Tracklist]     Rhythms of the Wold, cassette

FMSC 3021   2.50

14 tracks, 62 minutes.

Not many left

Due to popular demand, the original Rogue Records cassette version from back in 1991, of which a large box-full has just turned up - hence the knock-down price of just a fiver!

Rod's band of the time, Feckless (Phil Bird, Steve Crickett, John Eastaugh, Tony Engle, Alan Lamb and Danny Stradling) appear on five of the tracks.

Plus guest appearances by Jon Moore (electric guitar) on four tracks, and Ron Kavana (guitar, bouzouki, slide guitar, drums, bones) on two tracks.